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Terra de Falanis R-OH "Rad Spirit” Montsant 2016

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Country/State Spain

Region Montsant



Type Grenache

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Natural Take On Classic Spain

Span is home to some of the most innovative winemaking in the world right now. Today's wine is a prime example of the best of that innovation.  Unfortunately, the winery is taking this project in a different (and more expensive) direction. Fortunately, we were able to snag the remaining inventory of the current wine, dubbed R-OH (R for Radical, OH for the chemical symbol that denotes alcohol), at a killer price. 

With the help of the university of Tarragona - Miguel Angel did a deep dive into native yeast strains found in the many wild vineyards he works with on the island of Mallorca.  He discovered several yeast strains he adored and decided to use them in the fermentation of the wines he was making in the mountains of Montsant around the legendary region of Priorat. Yeast affects the character of the wine during fermentation, setting the stage for how it develops throughout its life.

This wine comes from a tiny one-acre vineyard nestled on a steep hillside in the highest and coolest corner of Montsant. The 60+ year old bush vines sit on red clay soil flecked with the licorella slate that gives the wine power, balance, and elegance, with rich fruity and lingering minerality. 

Grab a bottle before it's gone (or at least before it doubles in price) and enjoy it with a hearty winter meal featuring pork, lamb, or porcini mushrooms.