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Trentadue Old Patch Red Zinfandel Blend

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Country/State California




Type Zinfandel

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A trip back in time: In the late 1950s, the Trentadue family decided to leave Sunnyvale, California, because their family operation of vineyards and orchards was being encroached on by developers. To those of you who know California history all that well, Sunnyvale is now known as Silicon Valley. Fifty years from orchards, to the suburbs, to the world’s third largest economy? Who knew?!

And this turned out better for us. The agricultural family found greener pastures in Alexander Valley. In addition to fruits and vegetables, they also found some of the oldest Zinfandel vines in the land, prompting them to engage in wine farming as well.

These old Zinfandel vineyards were planted more than a century ago, probably by Italian immigrants looking to replicate wine from their home country. Some of these vineyards were of larger scale, others were just back of the house, garden vineyards—all creating a patchwork of vines across northern California. However, these vineyards are not just strictly Zinfandel. Whether for good farming practices or for flavor in the wine, the Zinfandel was co-planted with complimentary grape varieties - Petite Sirah, Carignan, and Mataro, among others. The idea might have been to ensure a good harvest—if one grape becomes damaged during the season the others can pull through—or that it just made sense in the finished wine, a combination of flavors being greater than the parts.

Either way, in the 1950s, the Trentadue family inherited, and became stewards of, these old vineyards. At the time, nobody had really heard of Zinfandel (or really, even, California wine!). What to do with Nature's and History's bounty? They created "Old Patch Red" OPR - to honor the old vines, the farming families that first planted them, the rich traditions behind them, and the patchwork of vineyards resulting from all these practices. And with this current release of OPR red, we’re in for an absolute treat:

This wine is a classic Zinfandel blend: distinct aromatic character—Morello cherries, ripe plums and hints of a spiciness come through immediately on the nose. Think black fruit aromatized with a touch of brambliness. The taste is an abundance of ripe fruit – more dark cherries, accented with wild berries, baking spices and a faint hint of peppercorn—all dancing over the palate. This wine is smooth, round, velvety and delicious. The vines provide richness, concentration, supple mouthfeel and robust flavors – everything I’d want in a Zinfandel, and more. Perfect as a cocktail, it also makes a luscious accompaniment to your bold grilled cuisine (sweet and tangy baby back ribs, anyone?).

The Trentadue family offered us an amazing price on this magnificent wine, and we didn’t hesitate to take it. Nor should you.