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2XO Bourbon Tribute Blend

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Country/State Kentucky




Type Bourbon

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2XO "The Tribute Blend" Bourbon is the newest release from Dixon Dedman, the blender behind the rebirth of Kentucky Owl, one of the most sought-after releases of the last decade. His great grandfather, C.M. Dedman was the original Kentucky Owl distiller, before the operation was shuttered during prohibition. 

Dixon grew up on the Kentucky bourbon trail learning from industry legends and running the James Beard award winning Beaumont Inn, which has been in his family for over a century. 

Dixon draws on his longstanding relationships with distillers in the heart of the Bourbon Trail to source exceptional juice. This blend is based on two Kentucky Straight Bourbon Mash bills: one is a low rye bourbon mash bill, about 16%-18%, and one is a high rye bourbon mash bill at 35%.

For the Tribute Blend, he's double oaking (2xO)  6+ year old of the high rye bourbon mash bill into new charred oak barrels in both #3 and #4 char levels for 9 months to a year.This gives Dixon 4 components to blend with- a low rye bourbon, a high rye bourbon, a double-barreled high rye bourbon #3 char, and a double-barreled high rye #4 char.

This process creates intense flavors and extraordinary complexity. On the nose you get butterscotch, leather, and cinnamon. The palate is rich and full and ranges from a slight caramel sweetness at first, to vanilla and red fruit, to a softer peppery finish. It's a classic for any bourbon lover.

Each release in the 2XO Icon Series is a unique one-off release, so there will never be another "Tribute Blend".  We don't have much to go around, so jump on this while you can.