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Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee

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Country/State France

Region Champagne



Type Champagne Blend

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Winery notes:

The Bollinger style is inimitable and recognised as such by great connoisseurs, the fruit of rigorous methods and a respect for principles handed down from one generation to the next in a great tradition that has always valued experience above all. This style expresses the aromas of the fruit in all its dimensions. The Bollinger style has a dense and subtle presence, a balance of the intensity of great pinot noirs and the freshness of chardonnays from the Côte des Blancs. Bollinger wines release a creamy effervescence resulting from vinifying in oak barrels and prolonged contact with the yeasts. They guarantee a unique tasting experience that always offers something new. This style stems from a solid base, rooted in 5 tangible principles: the House Vineyards; pinot noir; magnums of reserve wines; the barrels and time.

A golden color, distinctive of black grape varieties. Very fine bubbles. On the nose, it has a beautiful aromatic complexity, ripe fruit, and spicy aromas, with hints of roasted apples, apple compote, and peaches. On the palate, there is a subtle combination of structure, length, and vivacity. The bubbles are like velvet. Flavors of pear, brioche and spicy aromas, notes of fresh walnut.

Critical acclaim:

"96 points. 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay, 15% Meunier sourced from more than 300 crus, including 85% grands and premiers crus; 15% fermented in old oak barrels. The complexity and richness of Special Cuvée is unparalleled among the entry non-vintage blends of every Champagne house, short of ascending to the mesosphere of Krug. Its grand recipe explains why, built on incredible depth of 50%-60% reserves. Triumphant complexity is a given at Bollinger, but it’s the dynamic freshness and vitality that really set it apart as one of the most affordable Champagne benchmarks." - Decanter