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Capital Brewery Maibock is back again, and it's delicious! Perhaps the most-loved seasonal offering from Capital Brewery (arguably neck-and-neck with their Oktoberfest) is their Maibock. It tantalizes Wisconsinites to dream of the coming spring as it strikes a nice balance between the heavy beers of the winter and the lighter fare of summer. 
Capital Brewery was founded in 1984 in Middleton, Wisconsin, by the dynamic duo of Ed Janus and John Russell. It emerged as a pioneering force in an era dominated by mass-produced beer. In its infancy, Capital Brewery operated from modest quarters, a testament to the audacity of its founders who dared to challenge the prevailing beer norms. With a focus on quality and a nod to traditional brewing methods, they began crafting beers that would soon captivate local palates. Fast-forward to the '90s, and Capital Brewery had outgrown its humble origins. The brewery made a strategic move to a larger facility, signaling a commitment to expanding its reach. The centerpiece of this expansion was the beer garden, an outdoor oasis that quickly became a community hub for beer enthusiasts and casual patrons alike. The beer garden continues to draw crowds presently, providing a picturesque backdrop for live events and fostering a sense of community.
Capital Brewery primarily focuses on crafting traditional Germanic-style lager beer within the American brewing landscape. Their inaugural foray into brewing took place in the spring of 1986, utilizing copper kettles sourced from the Krekeler Brewery in Hoxter, Germany. Remarkably, these very kettles remain an integral part of Capital Brewery's operations today. Thus, it's no surprise that they'd be used to create this amazing Maibock!
The Maibock Lager traces its roots to Germany in the 14th century, originating in the city of Einbeck. It gained fame under the name "Ainpöckisch Bier." Renowned for its strong, malty profile, this early precursor to Maibock was a favorite among beer enthusiasts of the period. In the 17th century, brewers from Munich, inspired by the Einbeck original, embraced this robust beer style and adopted it as their own. The pronunciation shift from "Einbeck" to "Ein Bock" played a pivotal role, leading to the beer's association with the word "Bock," meaning goat in German. This linguistic evolution birthed the term "Bockbier," with Maibock emerging as a seasonal variant.
As the name suggests, Maibock, or May Bock, traditionally makes its appearance in the spring: In fact, the arrival of Maibock has become a symbolic marker of the changing seasons. In Germany, the Maibock style has endured through the centuries, maintaining its popularity during traditional springtime festivities, including May Day celebrations and beer festivals. 
Capital Brewery's Maibock pours a radiant amber color into your glass, reminiscent of the warming sun on a crisp spring day. The nose is a delightful dance of caramel and toasty malt, remarkably true to the style. Upon first sip, this beer reveals its intricate layers of taste. A prominent malt sweetness unfolds, bringing forth notes of caramel and honey, creating a harmonious balance with a subtle but noticeable hop bitterness. The mouthfeel is smooth and medium-bodied, making it an exceedingly drinkable lager. The finish is clean and crisp, lingering on the palate, leaving behind a satisfying and nuanced aftertaste that beckons for another sip. 
For food pairings, this Maibock offers a versatile canvas for culinary exploration. Pair it with grilled vegetables like peppers, zucchini, onions, and squash. Dry-rubbed barbeque, baked ham, and hearty bratwurst are superb pairings as well, since the malt sweetness complements the savory goodness of the dishes. Great with a fish fry, crab cakes, and smoked trout too! For a sophisticated match, try it with a creamy Gouda or a tangy blue cheese – the Maibock's malt backbone plays beautifully with the richness of the cheeses. 
Raise your glass and toast to the (symbolic) eventual arrival of spring with this superb Maibock from Capital Brewery. Prost! 
--Wayne Emond, Beer & Spirits Manager at Waterford Orchard Pointe