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Cavalchina Chiaretto 2023

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Country/State Italy

Region Veneto



Type Blend

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Beat the Heat with an Italian Refreshment Champion!

I bet you don’t know it – because I surely didn’t know it when I went to see this producer and taste his wine. This wine is one of Italy’s best-loved rosés. The wine is Tre Bicchieri, sells out in Italy the day it’s released, and is incredibly celebrated. And yet it’s still only around 17 Euros. So what’s going on?

Imagine you’re relaxing in the summer heat, on an Italian piazza, next to a beautiful freshwater lake. Or maybe your friend owns a yacht and you’re on the water. Either way, you’re chill-axing and living well. Because no other people I know in the world take hospitality and relaxing more seriously than the Italians.

So there you are, utterly relaxed in the Italian sun. And you want a touch of refreshment, too. Do you reach for the Best of the Best wine in the yacht’s galley, something that is going to “blow your mind” with its incredible length and complexity? Do you reach for the biggest, heaviest red wine that you’ve got? No, my dear hearts. What you reach for is cold and wet, perfectly refreshing, with loads of zesty minerality.

If oranges, strawberries and roses could somehow blend into one charming and delicately scented flower, it would come close to the allure of this wine’s aroma. The palate is crisp, vivid and stimulating. Imagine yourself in that Italian sun and super thirsty. Yeah, you could reach for a fizzy water, but this brisk rosé does everything that mineral water can and so much more. It hydrates and inebriates, refreshes as it cleanses, and nothing is better.

That, my friends, is why I believe this wine sells out every year in Italy, garners the top awards, and is famous – even at its humble price tag. Living exceptionally well and in the moment is something we’d all like to do more of. This lets you do it one glass at a time.