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Central Waters Seasonal 6pk

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Central Waters Brewing Company, nestled in the heart of Amherst, Wisconsin, began in 1996 when two friends, Mike McElwain and Jerome Ebel, shared a passion for homebrewing in the garage. In 1998, Central Waters officially opened its doors, initially brewing a modest selection of beers but doing them very well. Over the years, they expanded their offerings, experimenting with different styles and techniques, like their much coveted barrel-aged series (ranging from stouts to Scotch ales to barleywines) alongside IPAs, porters and everything in between. Central Waters has also embraced sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices like reusing the heat generated during the brewing process and supporting local farmers by recycling spent grain.

One aspect of the modern craft brewery scene that particularly resonates with me is when craft beer titans embrace the "simpler styles" alongside their hip and trendy offerings. Producing the timeless, tried-and-true classic archetypes of beer with a high degree of excellence always brings a smile to my face!

Which of course leads me to this week's beer special that has just hit our shelves, the Tomorrow River Helles! This seasonal offering seamlessly blends old-world heritage with new-world precision, resulting in a lager that pays homage to tradition while delivering a satisfying brew to modern palates. Developed in the late 19th century in Munich, the Helles style emerged as a response to the growing popularity of pale lagers in the Czech Republic. The name "Helles" itself means "bright" or "pale" in German, highlighting its distinctive light color. Brewers sought to create a beer that retained the drinkability of traditional lagers but with a lighter body and a more pronounced malt character. The result was the Helles Lager, a beer that quickly gained favor across Germany and beyond.

Central Waters' version of the helles graces your glass with its striking golden hue, impeccable clarity, and a tasteful web of lacing. The delicate bouquet of the nose entices you with aromas of freshly baked bread and subtle floral hop notes. The malt profile, nuanced and balanced, seamlessly intertwines with mild hops, thoroughly stealing the show. Tomorrow River unfolds on the palate with remarkable finesse, delivering a clean, smooth, and medium-bodied texture that fully engages your senses. Bready malts pirouette across your taste buds, imparting a subtle sweetness meticulously counterbalanced by a gentle herbal hop bitterness.

Quite versatile at the table, pair this lager with classic dishes such as grilled bratwurst or schnitzel for an authentic German experience. If you're feeling a bit more cosmopolitan, seafood dishes like grilled shrimp or fish tacos are fantastic companions. The Helles' clean profile doesn't overpower delicate seafood flavors, letting them shine through while still providing a crisp and refreshing contrast. A classic Margherita pizza pairs effortlessly with the Helles as well, with the bready malts and mild hops melding perfectly with simple pizza goodness!