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Charlie Berens Wisconsin Old Fashioned Brandy by Dancing Goat

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Country/State Wisconsin

Type Brandy

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This week, we got a heads up from our friends at Dancing Goat Distillery that they'd been working with Wisconsin icon/comedian Charlie Berens on a Wisconsin Brandy that was finally ready for release.  

We were able to get the first shipment in the state at our stores TODAY. Be the very first of your friends to get what is the very best and most versatile Wisconsin Brandy we have tasted.  Then send this email to those friends so you can brag about being first and make sure they get some too. 

Charlie is a funny guy, but he takes his work (and his drinking) seriously. His "Manitowoc Minute" videos have promoted Wisconsin culture across the world with good natured, midwestern humor. He's toured the country, and even ended up on the New York Times bestseller list. But back to the drinking. 

Charlie worked with the team at Dancing Goat Distillery in Cambridge, home to the best stockpile of aged spirits in the state, to select the perfect brandy. He settled on barrels of 4-5 year old juice, which were artfully blended by Nick Maas of Dancing Goat and bottled at 90 proof. 

To put it in cognac terms - that's VSOP-level aging, and you can taste it. This is sipping quality brandy, balanced and bright, at an old-fashioned friendly price. And oh my, how friendly it is in a classic Wisconsin Old Fashioned. 

Charlie would want us to tell you that Berens Old Fashioned Brandy is named after his Grandpa Bob. It would be egotistical for him to name it after himself, but he can't help that they have the same name. 

And tell your folks we says hi.