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Pax Mahle Syrah Sonoma Hillsides 2019

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Country/State California

Region Sonoma


Vineyard/Proprietary Sonoma Hillsides

Type Syrah

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Winery notes:

"After an incredibly extensive tasting of great vintages from the cellar of Raymond Trollat, Pax expressed his interest in creating a wine label designed as an ode to the iconic French winemaker. Raymond immediately led him down to the cellar, shocking everyone by offering him a leftover roll of his very own labels. Someone more fluent in French quickly explained the miscommunication and all was resolved, but the story never fails to bring a smile and a warm feeling to our hearts as we think of our dear friend.

"In 2016 we finally felt that we had created a wine worthy of the label. Inspired by the flamboyant wines of St.Joseph, this 100% Syrah is one of the most exciting and compelling wines we have ever put into bottle. Just like in St. Joseph, we pulled this blend together from multiple sites and utilized the expositions of these hillside vineyards that show the freshness and vibrancy that Syrah can only achieve on cool-climate hillside slopes. This wine is decadent, delicious and all hyperbole aside, will probably be one of your favorite Syrahs after just one taste. It is without any doubt, one of our finest creations."

Critical acclaim:

"98 points.

"The 2021 Syrah Sonoma Hillsides is towering and statuesque in bearing from the very first taste. I don’t think I have ever tasted a Sonoma Hillsides with this much finesse, this much purity. A wine of vertical energy, the Sonoma Hillsides possesses tremendous depth from start to finish. In many vintages the Hillsides leans towards a darker expression of Syrah. The 2021, on the other hand, is marked by more of a red/purplish fruit profile, with bright floral and citrus overtones that confer freshness. Once again, Pax Mahle made one of the truly epic wines of the year. His Sonoma Hillsides has been one of the very finest wines in Northern California for a number of years now."