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Folk Machine Potter Valley Pinot Meeting of the Minds 2022

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Country/State California

Region Potter Valley



Type Pinot Noir

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In the meandering history of Waterford Lore, this wine stands above - Kenny Likitprakong’s Potter Valley Pinot - the one that changes names (and labels) every year. 

And there is one vintage where the lore is strongest - the 2007 vintage. That year, Kenny made a tiny amount and, almost by happenstance, shipped a few bottles out to Waterford. They were such an instant hit - just an amazing flavor and mouthfeel, that we went down into the cellar and started comparing the PVP to Domaine Leroy’s Premier Cru Savigny les Beaune (now at $595 a bottle). And the comparison weighed in Kenny’s favor. 

I mention this because while the PVP is always excellent, this year it's out-of-the-park. It’s the first vintage that comes close to comparing with his legendary 2007. It’s a magical wine, one that is simply so light, elegant and utterly amazing. 

Kenny still doesn’t make all that much, so we wanted to get this pre-shelf offer out to you, his loyal PVP fans, first. Don’t miss it.