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Flanagan Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

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Country/State California

Region Sonoma Coast



Type Pinot Noir

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Winery notes: 

"Our 2017 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is a blend of our three Pinot Noir vineyard sources: Gap’s View Vineyard, Sun Chase Vineyard and Platt Vineyard. The black fruit character of Gap’s View combined with the red fruit profile of Sun Chase makes a very interesting blend. Add in a bit of Platt Pinot Noir with its soaring aromatics and you have a remarkable AVA wine. Our Pinot Noir fermentations typically include a 3-4 day cold soak followed by fermentations that last between 10-15 days. We don’t have a dogmatic approach to including whole clusters, but some fermentations include between 10-20%.

"The 2017 Flanagan Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast displays a black fruit profile, characteristic of the sites used for the cuvée. The nose is dominated by pomegranate, Bing cherry, and red raspberry with hints of clove, nutmeg and orange blossom. These notes continue on the palate. The wine is very pretty, nicely focused, and finishes with good acidity. Our Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir engenders a fun debate about whether blending wines from several great sites can produce a wine as, or even more, compelling than a wine from a single vineyard."