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Driftless Glen Single Barrel Bourbon Waterford Pick 750ml

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If you had to choose one distillery that has put Wisconsin whiskey on the map for the rest of the country, it would have to be Driftless Glen.

While Kentucky has long been the epicenter of the Bourbon world, over the last few years connoisseurs have been turning their attention to the grains that go into the bottle, not just the label on the front. And when you start looking for quality grain, there are few places better than the upper Midwest. 

It’s one of the reasons we highlight so many Wisconsin and Minnesota spirits producers. Simply put, they are using some of the best ingredients in the business. 

Located in Wisconsin's "Driftless Area" along the banks of the Baraboo River, Driftless Glen is using exclusively Wisconsin grain and water in their production. Those ingredients are put to work in a 10,000-pound, 44-foot tall column still, as well as a one-of-a-kind pot still to ensure exceptional purity of distillation. 

Our exclusive single barrel of straight bourbon features over 5 years of age, and was bottled at 96 proof. 

This is a classic bourbon lover's dream with balanced caramel flavors, joined by subtle hints of clove and cinnamon.

Driftless Glen has gained a passionate following nation-wide with their grain to glass approach, and we're excited to offer you a chance at a one of a kind barrel at a killer price.