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Lafage Miraflors Rose 2021

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Country/State France




Type Rose

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Rose Wine

You could file this wine under “right wine, wrong place,” although that would be doing the Lafages a disservice. But it does explain what is going on here. 

The Lafages are in the vast area of France known as the Cotes Catalanes. That’s down on the Mediterranean crescent, right next to Spain (kinda close to Priorat). The area, if it had any kind of wine fame at all, used to be based on the quantity it could produce, particularly the quantity of high-alcohol wine it could produce. That and being too far away from Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Spain’s Priorat—but using the same grape varieties—means that it isn’t the most well known, highly regarded side of French wine production. 

But let’s put all that aside for a moment, because the Lafages are the exception to the rule. With accolades from around the world like “almost too good to be true” - Jeb Dunnuck; or “I’m impressed with the collection of Jean-Marc Lefage” - Andrew Jeffords; or “[Jean-Marc Lafage] makes serious wines that warrant attention” - Robert Parker; here are wines that are serious and now of world  renown, but aren’t priced at that level (yet). 

It opens with a burst of fresh red fruit flavors – strawberries, cherries, and Angel’s Kiss (angelus osculum) that will bring a smile to your face.  The palate is crisp and brilliantly clean and dry, with just enough fruit to please everyone. But the wine is more about its punctuated minerality, which it has in spades.  It’s like drinking an incredibly good La Croix cherry mineral water (no insult to Ingrid intended).  It’s as pure as water, but way more fun.  The finish is all zest and spritzy pizazz, lingering with its fresh minerality.  In a word, charming.  Plus, it also comes in the most gorgeous, tall sleek bottle you have ever seen. Please note that this wine has a glass stopper so no corkscrew needed, perfect for picnics.

And yes, we must admit that this Rosé is one vintage back - Lafage is getting ready to release 2022 (he releases later than most) and we are selling 2021. But hey, the glass stopper is air tight, so there is no oxygen exposure, therefore no loss of vitality and fresh. The only thing that has been "lost" is the price. We got a heck of a deal, so don't miss it!