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Vespa il Bianco dei Fiano Salento 2020

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Country/State Italy

Region Puglia



Type Fiano

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There are summer days where all you want is a delicious drink of white wine. You don’t need the wine to change your life. You just want it to be tasty. And if it has a little magic, then even better. May I introduce you to Il Bianco dei Vespa?

Il Bianco dei Vespa is made by one Italy’s most celebrated winemakers, Riccardo Cotarella. His nickname is The Wizard. The Wizard because of all of the great and glorious wines he makes. The Wizard because he was one of the architects of Italy’s great wine Renaissance.

The Wizard makes Il Bianco dei Vespa from Fiano Salento in the region of Puglia in the southeast of Italy. The vineyards for Il Bianco dei Vespa are on the Salento peninsula in the east of the region, where the Fiano grapes benefit from the cool winds off of both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. What the Wizard weaves from these soils, these winds, and these grapes is kind of magical.

Rising from its golden yellow color, Il Bianco dei Vespa yields aromas of blood orange, pine, and Indian fig flowers. Its palate is plump with juicy grove fruits, roasted almonds, and a pleasing salinity.

No, this wine isn’t going to change your life. But Il Bianco dei Vespa is so delicious, it may just change your summer. It is, after all, made by a wizard.