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Type Beer Specialty Bomber/Single

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Giant Jones Brewing Co. ‘Dubbel Deist’ 
One of my personal favorite local craft breweries is the independent, women-owned, certified organic Giant Jones Brewing Company located right in central Madison. They produce a variety of malt and grain driven beers that although inspired from traditional styles, often use innovative and experimental techniques which push traditional boundaries. Giant Jones puts an emphasis on local sourcing and collaborates with regional farmers and businesses to incorporate fresh, real, high-quality ingredients into its beers.

The ‘Dubbel Deist’ is a wonderful example of Giant Jones’ brewing philosophy. Creatively inspired by a nineteenth century recipe from city of Diest in the province of Flemish Brabant in Belgium. This beer uses 300 lbs of raw spelt and 100 lbs of oats (sourced from Meadowlark Organics in Ridgeway, Wisconsin) and the wort is boiled four times longer than other typical beers, over 6 hours. Boiling the wort in beer making refers to the process of heating the liquid extracted from malted grains (known as wort) to its boiling point which eliminates harmful bacteria from the liquid, causes proteins to coagulate for later refinement and evaporates any excess water so sugars and flavors become more concentrated. This extended boil dramatically influences color, flavor and aromatics for this beer!

On to the beer! This brew pours a deep mahogany color into your glass with a creamy tan head.  On the nose you’ll find aromas of dark fruits, caramel, and a hint of spice (from an added Witbier yeast). The palate unfolds with notes of raisins, figs, toffee and nuts complemented by subtle hints of clove and the unique characteristic signature of Belgian yeast. This robust beer has a medium to full body with a smooth mouthfeel and a well-balanced sweetness. 

Pair this indulgent Belgian-style brew with dishes like slow-cooked beef stew, roasted duck, or aged Gouda cheese. The beer's malty sweetness and fruity undertones harmonize with savory and rich flavors, making it a perfect companion for big, hearty meals and artisanal cheeses.