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Jermann Vintage Tunina 2020

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Country/State Italy

Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia



Type White Blend

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“ is the most extraordinary meditation wine in existence.

Not in the passive sense (wine to drink while meditating),

but in the active sense: it is a wine that makes you meditate…”

— Cesare Pillon, Civiltà del Bere

No wine more beautifully expresses the past, the present and the future of Italian wine than Vintage Tunina, made by Silvio Jermann from his vineyards in the Dolegna del Collio in the far northeast Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Like a Michelangelo sculpture, like a Kandinsky painting, like a Coltrane composition, Vintage Tunina mesmerizes you. It smashes the icons of the past to create for us a new present. It doesn’t taste like California Chardonnay — or White Burgundy — or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc — or Italian Pinot Grigio. Vintage Tunina is, in every sense of the Latin, sui generis. Truly unique. In a class of its own.

Silvio Jermann, like the great pioneers who created Super Tuscans, broke with the old conventions of making wine. After his apprenticeships across Europe and in the United States, Silvio resolved to follow a simple yet profound idea: grapes growing in old Italian vineyards can make great white wine. Made with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia Istriana and Picolit, Vintage Tunina is comprised of grape varieties which have been flourishing in a 16-hectare vineyard parcel for over a century. It is a bona fide field blend. And it delivers all of the greatness Silvio promised.

Jermann Vintage Tunina is a white wine of massive structure and density — not like any white wine made in Italy — or anywhere else in the world. Its color is gold. Its aromas are intense. Its palate is velvety, full, concentrated, complete. It is as complex, as rich and as persistent as any red wine. 

As mesmerizing as Vintage Tunina is today, it will mesmerize you in new and different ways for many years to come. Like any great art, it creates for us a new present which leads us to the future. It isn’t like any white wine you’ve ever had before. It is especially not to be missed.

Critical acclaim:

"97 points. Such beautiful aromas of sliced pears, green apples, white peaches and lychee fruit. Full-bodied and very reserved, but the complexity and beauty here are so apparent. Give this wine time to show the complexity and allure. One of the great whites of Italy, as always." - James Suckling