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Johnny Drum Private Stock Bourbon

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"Purportedly named after a boy called Johnny, who was too young to serve as a soldier during the Civil War, so instead he enlisted as a drummer, marching alongside the troops. So, for this promotion, let’s get into 19th century character properly. (Note, I may have written this with the voice of Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday from Tombstone in my mind. Feel free to do the same).

Allow me to introduce you Johnny Drum Private Stock Kentucky Bourbon, a masterfully crafted libation that encapsulates the very soul of the American whiskey tradition, steeped in the opulent heritage of our great land. Distilled and aged with meticulous precision in the heart of Kentucky by the fine folks at the Willett Distillery, this bourbon extends an invitation to discerning connoisseurs and impassioned enthusiasts alike, beckoning them to partake in an experience of unrivaled refinement.

Upon the gentle pour of Johnny Drum, an amber hue, warm and resplendent, graces the vessel. It speaks of years spent maturing in charred oak barrels, clinging to the glass with a regal embrace, revealin’ a narrative as rich as a tapestry illuminated by the moon's gentle glow.

The inaugural inhalation unfolds a symphony of enthrallin’ aromas. Rich caramel and vanilla notes engage in an elegant dance with hints of toasted oak, creating a sensory experience akin to a sonnet recited in the grand parlors of a bygone era. Subtle undertones of dried fruit and a mere whisper of cinnamon add layers of depth and nuance.

As this bourbon graces the palate, the initial sip orchestrates a harmonious union of sweet and savory delights. Velvety caramel and butterscotch perform a waltz upon the tongue, while a robust undercurrent of oak imparts a gratifyin’ warmth. The mouthfeel, akin to the touch of fine linen, embodies luxurious fullness, striking a perfect equilibrium between the sweetness of triumph and the spice of adventure. Johnny Drum leaves an enduring legacy with its protracted, silken finish. The warmth lingers, accompanied by steadfast notes of vanilla, caramel, and the discreet murmur of black pepper.

So, whether you're sippin' it straight, on the rocks, or mixin' it up into a classic cocktail, remember, this bourbon is the kind of companion you’d want by your side through life’s tumultuous adventures.