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La Quercia Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2021

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Country/State Italy

Region Abruzzo



Type Montepulciano

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To hear Antonio Lamona speak, you’d think he was talking about Brunello, or Barolo, Bolgheri, or maybe even Pauillac, France. So passionate is his talk about vineyards, land and wine! But shockingly, he’s not talking about any of these ultra-famous places. He’s speaking about his home – Abruzzo, a province on the backside of the Italian boot, across the Apennine Mountains from Rome.

Here is a region where, within the span of 30 miles, you can go from beachfront to Alpine hikes, hitting gigantic chalk cliffs, World Heritage Sites, and nature preserves all in between. Around 3,000 years ago, Greeks noted Abruzzo’s glorious nature and settled it, planting grape vines. By and large, Abruzzo’s quiet way of life has remained the same ever since.

Antonio was born into a winemaking family in Abruzzo. But winemaking in Abruzzo was simple – it was part of life and agriculture and didn’t represent much more than a simple foodstuff. Antonio traveled just a bit as a young man and, on an internship in Champagne, the wine bug bit him. “If Champagne can make wine this good, why not Abruzzo?” he asked himself. Returning home, Antonio married another talented young winemaker, and the couple set about reinventing Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. A revolution had begun. What they’ve created is a classic, gorgeous, and profound Italian red wine:

This rich, deeply textured wine opens on the palate with masses of mocha, blueberry, spices, licorice and notes of black truffle. It’s opulent and balanced, offering a payload of fruit for the New-World wine lover, while honoring its classic Italian roots with hints of savory characteristics. It’s delicious with a hearty Italian meal among friends, or just at home, enjoyed on its own or with a simple cheese platter. Or order a pizza and cruise on into a delightful evening, with this tasty bottle that keeps on giving!