Les Sources d'Agape Saint Amour MONT Besset 2019

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Country/State France

Region Beaujolais

Subregion Saint Amour


Type Gamay

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So much to talk about!

First, Agape. “Agape love, which is most often crowned as the highest form of Christian love, is the kind of love and action that shows empathy; extends the desire for good of the beloved; wants the best; extends help or demonstrates good intentions; and is intended for everyone. Agape love is sacrificial.” That is from Pepperdine University, and touches on my Greek philosophy funny bone (remember, Waterford was almost named Eudaimonia) as well as my palate. For here, with Les Sources d’Agape, is one of our unconditionally greatest Beaujolais finds of all time.

Another quick way to translate Agape is unconditional love and that is the meaning that Arthur Lotrous, owner and winemaker of this Les Sources, wants to express. Unconditional love not because he’s hot to trot for you, but because Beaujolais – really good cru Beaujolais – is so bright and cheerful, like a prancing golden Retriever pup, that it fills the heart with palpable affection.

And that’s indeed what this wine inspires. There is joy here on the nose with its crazy perfumes of yellow cherries, gorgeous red fruit, baking smells from Grandmother’s pantry and finally just a hint of breeze coming in from the backyard potager. The palate is so light and fresh that I kept on filling my mouth like I had just biked 50 miles and was pounding Gatorade. Chill it and have fun while it sparkles and pops up to room temperature. Or let the wine breathe over hours and drink it slow, pulling you into a soft, warm, rosy glow.

Which is all to say – I’ve had my deep dives into Beaujolais and I started seriously collecting it with Marcel Lapierre’s ’99 vintage. Arthur is nearly brand new (he founded this domaine and its only four years old), but he reminds me of all the other young bucks I’ve met in Beaujolais, and more. His wines are brilliant now, perfumed, stunningly so, and an absolute joy to drink.

To double down on the love metaphor, this wine is from the town Saint Amour, which literally means saint of love. And whether you sip this wine on its own or with burgers hot off the grill (one of my favorite pairings in the world) it is sure to steal hearts!