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Partida Tequila Blanco

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Country/State Mexico




Type Tequila

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Tequila is on the rise.

Just like bourbon exploded over the past 20 years driven by smaller producers who were fanatical about sourcing, tequila is poised to explode.

The surge in quality is driven by small farmers like Enrique Partida, whose namesake tequila focuses on a small parcel of land at the foot of a volcano in the lowlands of the tequila valley.

Like scotch, the area around the town of Tequila has highlands (home to Don Julio, most famously) where the blue agave plants are bigger and sweeter, and lowlands, where the plants tend to be smaller and earthier.

The red volcanic soil, and smaller plants create a rich and complex tequila that is still exceptionally smooth. This is a craft tequila through and through, from 10 year old agave that is hand harvested,and distilled in small batches, with no artificial additives that can lead to those famous tequila hangovers.

This has always been an allocated item that's only been available through pre-sales, but we scored a larger allocation at a tremendous price at the end of last year. Resolve to up  your tequila game in 2024, but  don't sleep on this deal, we don't have much to go around.