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Red Line Maple Barrel Finished Single Barrel Bourbon

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There were only two barrels of today's whiskey produced, and we scored a huge deal by scooping up most of Wisconsin's allocation. 

Red Line is one of our favorite producers, and their finished bourbons are some of the best out there. The maple syrup barrels used to finish this whiskey are exceptionally rare and sought after, which is sending retail and secondary market pricing through the roof. 

Just to be clear, this isn't maple-flavored whiskey.  The flavor comes from the finishing process, and adds subtle nuance to the flavor, rather than an overpowering and cloying sweetness. 

The finishing barrel here started its life as a standard charred bourbon barrel before being sold to a small syrup producer in Vermont that was making premium bourbon barrel-aged syrup. 

Red Line then purchased these "maple syrup" barrels to finish some of their 6-year bourbon. The syrup seeps into the wood and provides hints of sweetness that balances the spice and richness of the bourbon, without overwhelming the classic character of the juice. 

That 6-year bourbon spent another 13 months in the finishing barrel, being checked every few weeks to see when the perfect balance of flavors was achieved. 

The mash bill of this single barrel is 75% Corn 21% Rye, 5% Barley Malt, it's hand-bottled in individually numbered bottles at 115.5 proof. You get a rich and balanced palate of vanilla, caramel, and toasted cedar. This is a truly decadent whiskey.

Red Line is run out of Paducah, Kentucky by the father and son team of Taylor and Brad Morley. Over the last year, we’ve had the chance to get to know both of them, and there are few people in the spirits industry today as committed to tradition and quality as they are.
Their deep connection to the industry allows them to source top quality barrels while they are waiting for their own juice to age.  Every release from them so far has been a home run, and we don't think we'll see another release like this from them any time soon, and certainly nowhere near to this price!