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Ry3 Whiskey Rum Cask

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Type Rye

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In the long tradition of whiskey around the world, the Master Blender has always been the person held in the highest esteem at the distillery. They are responsible for the quality and consistency of what goes into the bottle.

Ry3 is the newest project from one of the best Master Blenders in the business.   Matt Witzig was a co-founder and Master Blender for the launch Joesph Magnus, one of the most sought-after producers of the early Bourbon boom.  

Matt’s passion for Rye led him to take a leadership role at Phenomenal Spirits, and spearhead the development of Ry3 – a blend of three different age statements and mash bills that has been turning heads of whiskey connoisseurs and collectors for the past couple years, and has finally made its way to the Wisconsin market.

Ry3 is a specially sourced blend of three of the premier whiskies in the world. The workhorses of the blend are 95% rye from MGP, which is the benchmark for quality rye in the United States, and 100% Alberta Rye, which helped launch Whistlepig to superstardom.

Matt’s secret weapon in this blend is 12 year light whiskey, which smooths out the rougher edges of the rye and creates a brighter, smoother style. Light whiskey is primarily corn and is aged in used, uncharred barrels.

In addition to exceptional base whiskey, Ry3 also has access to some of the best rum barrels in the industry, which they use to finish their blends.  These barrels round out the spice of the rye with a subtle caramel sweetness that doesn’t mask the quality of the blend.

As for flavor profile, we concur with this 95 point review from The Tasting Panel - “A sumptuous and heavenly honeycombed mouthful of peach nectar and maple bran. White pepper punctuates an otherwise seamless coat of orange peel, vanilla musk, and cigar leaf. At 100 proof, it shines”

Don’t miss out on being one of the first in the state to get your hands on this acclaimed whiskey.