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Chateau Salettes Bandol Rose

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Country/State France

Region Provence

Subregion Bandol


Type Mourvedre

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Ahh, summer. Simply nothing pairs better with sunshine and fresh air than rosé. I can’t think of a reason to not start drinking it right now. And with rosé, why not head straight for one of the best – Bandol.

Bandol sits in the cradle of southern France, directly on the Mediterranean Sea. Among these sunbathed hills, the thick-skinned Mourvedre grape (and its familial grape partners) basks in the heat while enjoying the cool sea breeze of these azure waters – it’s essentially, the ultimate in sunbathing. The result of this combination of climate and grape is one of the world’s great wine treasures, Bandol Rosé.

It probably goes without saying that this rosé is dry, even though it is the color of a blush. It is certainly worth saying that what is tucked inside these bottles is just insanely delicious – full of flavor and powerfully rich, almost like a red wine; yet also crisp and dry, like a white. And we have one of the best Bandols – Chateau Salettes.

Seventeen generations of Boyers have attended the gorgeous hillside estate of Chateau Salettes. And while that history is long, they also haven’t been resting on their laurels. Over the past decade they took on an ambitious modernization of the winery, insuring that when the 18th generation is ready to take over, this Bandol estate will be one of the leading lights of the area. In this bottling, that shows: 

Aromas of white peach, pink grapefruit, sea spray, brine and whispers of savory herbs abound from the glass upon the first pour. The palate is bold – again, this rose drinks like a red wine but you chill it like a white – and there is a broad and stratified depth here, a heft of bountiful luxuriance but also a clean, crisp and bright quality. Imagine yourself on a beach grilling lobster with tarragon butter, or mahi mahi with a coriander fennel crust; after just having surfed the perfect barrel – that’s what this wine is speaking about, a place of sunshine, sparkling fun, and simple culinary extravagance. 

For those of you who know Bandol Rosé, you know of what I speak – but you also know there is a price to be paid. Bandol rosé is dearly loved and prized, and the best of the best are often $40 or more a bottle. In the grand scheme of “the best” in wine that is still cheap – ponder the price of Tete de Cru Champagne, white Burgundy, or the top Napa Cabernet.

Yet here is one of the best, and because we bought it as direct as possible, we have it at an amazing price. Now is a great time to be drinking Rosé. Drink one of the finest.