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St. George Single Malt Whiskey 40th Anniversary

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From the distillery:


In celebration of 40 years at the vanguard of the American artisan
distillation movement, we are honored to share St. George 40th Anniversary
Single Malt Whiskey. This highly limited bottling is the culmination of
decades of craftsmanship and our ever-growing collection of unique and
varied finishing casks. We have summoned these to create a singular spirit
that is a true collector’s item for connoisseurs of American single malt.

Master distiller Lance Winters joined St. George in 1996 to create a truly
original American Single Malt, and while we have received many accolades,
we continue to push the boundaries of where the category can go. In
preparation for this momentous release, head distiller Dave Smith spent
months meticulously working through our casks. Of the 600+ we sampled,
only 30 made the initial cut, with a mere 14 being used to create the whiskey
you now hold. Sourced from barrels that range from four years old to one
of the earliest casks we laid down, it speaks to our past, present, and future.


Nose: Opens with vibrant cola over dark chocolate and lager. Over time,
creamy notes of brown butter and salted caramel emerge laced with fennel
and sandalwood. Patience reveals candied berry and sweet coconut.
Palate: The initial hit is classic St. George made deeper: dark chocolate
goes to walnut fudge and latte. Amber malt mingles with buttered waffle.
Then, the coconut arrives and the spice notes begin to reveal themselves.
Cinnamon and clove are amplified by candied ginger. Stonefruit appears,
then takes on more tropical undertones. Sherry notes turn to tawny port,
then fig preserves, before finishing with soft smoke and barbecue char.