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Starlight Distillery’s Carl T. Huber’s Cigar Batch Bourbon

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Country/State Indiana

Type Bourbon

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Starlight Distillery is located on a 650-acre farm in southern Indiana just minutes from the Ohio River and sits on the same aquifer as all of the big names in Bourbon Country over in Kentucky. What does “cigar batch” mean specifically? Well, Starlight took their signature 4-grain mash bill Bourbon, ‘Carl T. Huber’ (the family founder’s name) and finished it in Brazilian Amburana wood barrels. The soft, porous nature of Amburana’s wood grain imparts a strong, distinct presence to the bourbon resting within, and the good folks at Starlight feel it’s the perfect whiskey to accompany a fine cigar. I wholeheartedly agree with their assessment.

Aromas of cinnamon, warm vanilla, brown sugar, tobacco leaf (and yes) cigar box greet you on the ample nose. The palate brings forth notes of baking spices, gingerbread, leather, chai, sandalwood and just a touch of woody campfire smoke. Rich and rather intense, yet somehow still remaining balanced and smooth in the mouth. Although this is a “serious” bourbon and obviously meant to be drunk neat or on the rocks, I am determined to use it in some sort of Christmas cocktail this year! Stay tuned.