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Tattersall Interstate American Single Malt Whiskey

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It’s official!  Late last year, after seven years of work by a cooperative of distillers, American Single Malt Whiskey is now a recognized category of American whiskey, alongside Bourbon, Empire Rye, and Tennessee Whiskey.

And we’ve got the very best price on the very first official American Single Malt to be produced using entirely Wisconsin-grown grain.

Tattersall Interstate American Single Malt Whiskey is aged four years in virgin oak barrels, and distilled from a blend of 100% malted barley including Wisconsin cherrywood smoked and dark roasted malts.

So what makes an American Single Malt? The rules adopted by the TTB (the body that governs U.S. alcohol production, labeling, and distribution) state that the whiskey must be 100% malted barley, be mashed, distilled, and matured at a single distillery, be produced entirely in the U.S., be aged in oak casks that aren’t larger than 700 liters, and be at least 80 proof.

One of most unique elements of American Single Malt, is that the wide range of growing conditions for the barley, and aging conditions for the spirit itself, along with the freedom in barrel requirements, results in whiskies that are able to express a certain local personality and terroir. This is especially important for Midwest distilleries, as grain in this area is considered some of the best in the world.

Because Tattersall was involved in the crafting of the American Single Malt rules, they’ve had a five-year head start on making Wisconsin-grown American Single Malt a reality. With four years of aging, and at 90 proof, it’s a rich sipping whiskey that expresses chocolate and cherry with a hint of coffee on the palate.

Even though the term “single malt” is most closely associated with Scotch, American Single Malts are their own category. Though some are experimenting with using smoke and peat in the Scottish style, Interstate Single Malt Whiskey is focused on bringing the unique character of the malts to the glass. There’s no smoke here, just classic American Whiskey.

Tattersall was founded in Minneapolis by childhood friends John Kreisler and Dan Oskey, one of the best bartenders in the Midwest. A few years after opening in Minnesota, they expanded to a beautiful destination distillery in River Falls.

While distillation was completed in the Minnesota distillery, all of the grains were sourced from Wisconsin, and the aging took place in both locations. Interstate Whiskey takes its name and inspiration from Interstate Park, which straddles the St. Croix river in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

This is a category of whiskey that is about to explode, and, as we’ve seen with Bourbon, when that happens, prices go through the roof.  So don’t miss out on this first release at an unbeatable price.