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Teliani Valley Tsolikouri

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Why isn’t this wine in everyone’s glass? Ohhh! Because its Tsolikouri (tso-lee-ko-oo-ree) from the far-off west Georgian vineyards in the village Orbeli – the mountainous Lechkhumi district. So of course it’s not really Chablis, and it’s not in anyone’s glass, either. But it should be, and here’s why:

It’s a beautiful wine. And the reference point would be Chablis – it’s mineral with notes of yellow lemon, limestone, and salty minerality. It’s crisp on the palate, lively and fresh, radiating its minerality and zestiness just a Petite Chablis does, all refreshment and radiance.

Yes, it is from a grape you’ve never heard of before from a place you may never visit, but good wine is where you find it. And to offer you some reassurance, that this isn’t just some crazy one-off wine, here are some facts about the region and the winery:

Georgia, the country, not the state, is the oldest wine producer in the world.

Since the end of the Soviet era (and fighting off their invasion afterwards a la Ukraine circa now), Georgians have gone under a government revolution, allowing them to rediscover their roots of quality (not communal) wine production. So why not give them a helping hand?

Teliani Valley, this winery, had its first vintage in 2000, and they’ve gone on to become Georgia’s highest-rated Wine Spectator winery. Now to all you terroir fans out there, let me point out two things – I generally disregard Wine Spectator as a wine magazine: It’s a lifestyle magazine. But, and having done the research I can assure you of this fact – it takes a mountain of effort to get any American magazine to acknowledge a Georgian winery, let along the fact that the country even exists.

So what does this all mean to you? The old adage– good wine is where you find it. This wine is distinctly Georgian, but in a flavor profile you’ll find yummy and be able to synch right in with. It’s fresh, inviting, and a delight.

For those who explore in wine, great treasure awaits. Don’t hesitate to take the first step and try a bottle of this beautiful wine. Cheers.