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Chillable Red Wines - All Stores

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Event Date Thursday, July 11, 6 pm

Event Type Wine Tasting Seminar

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No, we aren’t talking about your grandmother’s old box of Franzia in the fridge. We’re talking about high-end, world-class, stunning red wine that is even more delicious when served with a chill. 

Most wine professionals will agree that the majority of, if not all, red wines are best enjoyed with a slight chill—aim for between 60 and 65 degrees for full-bodied reds. Certain red wines, however—most notably light-to-medium-bodied wines marked by high acidity and low tannins, are often best when served even cooler, between about 50 and 55 degrees.

Chilling red wine is far from a new phenomenon, though not enough wine lovers partake in this simple delight. On the contrary, a majority of wine drinkers still adhere to the outdated belief that while white wine should be served chilled, reds are meant to be consumed at room temperature. During the decades or centuries when “room temperature” was generally closer to that of cellar temperature, that assertion may certainly have been correct, but it’s much less so in contemporary times.

However, a good number of red wines actually come to life when served at cooler temperatures—and, fortunately, they happen to be the lighter-bodied reds that many people prefer to drink in the warmer months of summer and early autumn. And we’re going to explore some beauties at this tasting!

Wines to be tasted:

Altos las Hormigas Tinto $18.99
Azul Y Garanza Suelovivo Tinto $26.99
Cavalchina Bardolino DOC $24.99
J. Mourat VDF Owl Collection Rouge 2021 $21.99
Lubanzi Cinsault $21.99
Mas Que Vinos Los Conejos Malditos Tempranillo Carbonico $18.99
Seghesio Dolcetto d Alba $21.99
So Fresh Love You Bunches Red Santa Barbara County (Sangiovese) $36.99
Tavignano Lacrimi Morro d'Alba Barbarossa $24.99
Tre Monti Doppio Rosso Barbera Frizzante $26.99

All prices listed shown are regular retail.

Significant discounts offered on all wines at the tasting. Due to the their highly allocated nature, some wines may change without notice.