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The Terroir Club of Waterford Wine & Spirits

Memberships automatically renew the first of the month. Updated gift membership options coming soon!

Membership automatically renews the first of the month.

$50.00 / RENEWAL

Membership automatically renews the first of the month.

$100.00 / RENEWAL

Get to Know This Product

The Terroir Club at Waterford Wine & Spirits is our wine club - dedicated to bringing you, our valued clients, amazing terroir-driven wines as well as a more elevated and engaging experience at all of our stores. 

Our wine club comes in two levels - $50 per month or $100 per month. Members are automatically charged on the first of the month and may pause or cancel at any time.

The $50 a month club includes two bottles of wine per month, and the $100 per month includes four bottles of wine per month. All of these wines are hand selected by Ben with the intention of exploring the wide world of wine, learning more about the history and culture behind each wine, and to truly be an intriguing terroir experience. Each bottle comes with a description of each wine including its cellaring potential, suggested serving glass and cuisine to accompany the wine. 

But our clubs don’t stop with you picking up your wine at the beginning of each month. Terroir Club members also get an enhanced experience in our stores. 

Privileges for $50 club members include:
    • Two wines per month
    • Free tasting of the club wines, once a month, on the first Tuesday of each month, (when your wines will be available for pick-up as well) 
    • Private shopping nights (with wine tastings) exclusively for Terroir Club members
    • Complimentary Waterford-branded Pulltap corkscrew 
    $100 club members receive up to four wines per month and all benefits listed above, plus:
    • 10% off retail wine purchased in store (not including special orders, previous orders, futures, exclusives or previous on-sale items)
    • Invitations to vintner tastings when we are hosting wineries at our stores 
    • Special VIP cocktail hour tastings of exclusive, hard to find, allocated wines 
    • 1 free glass of wine per month at our wine bars - Delafield is presently up and running, Farwell coming very soon, and Madison in the near future 
    • Free corkage at our wine bars for any wine bought from our shelves the night of